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Introduction of spray plating process for corrosion resistant alloy metal

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Metal spray plating is a process in which the molten corrosion-resistant alloy metal is ejected to the metal surface by compressed air or inert gas to form a maintenance coating. During metal spraying, the data of the plating surface are melted and atomized in a special spray manifold or spray gun, and then erupted on the data of the substrate, which is sometimes called metal spraying. Oxygen acetylene flame is usually used, but other gases are sometimes used. When the metal wire on the plating surface is actively fed through the flame core, the metal wire melts and together is atomized and erupted to the substrate data by the compressed air stream. Almost any kind of metal that can be made into wire can be sprayed in this way. Another kind of spray gun uses the powder data to erupt through the flame. The advantage of this method is that it can not only spray metal, but also spray metal ceramic composite material, oxide and hard alloy.

Appearance preparation before spray plating

Because the relation between the plating data and the matrix data obtained by metal spraying is simple and mechanical, it is necessary to dispose the matrix data properly. In order to achieve outstanding mechanical connection. No matter what kind of surface preparation method is selected, the surface of the substrate is necessary to be clean without oil stain.

The most common method of surface preparation is sand blasting. For this reason, the sand grain can meet the sharp edge to produce the true rough surface. As for the cylindrical surface that can be reversed on the lathe, the useful way is to turn out the very thick thread, and then use the rolling knife to quietly roll the crown. An improvement method that can be used for plane is to cut a series of parallel grooves with a circular groove cutter, and then use a knurled cutter to seize the edge between the grooves. If the coating surface needs to be processed, the surface of the substrate should be prepared by rough machining or grooving in order to get the best preparation.

Use of metal spray plating

Metal spray plating has many important uses in product description. For example, the maintenance coating can be obtained by spraying zinc and aluminum on the surface of steel to obtain corrosion resistance. Because metal spraying can spray metal on almost any kind of metal or non-metal surface, it provides a simple way to coat a conductive surface on the surface of bad conductor or non-conductor. Therefore, copper or silver is often sprayed on glass or plastic. Because the sprayed metal can be disposed by various different methods, such as polishing, brushing, or preserving the plating condition, the sprayed metal can be used as a decoration method in the product and construction industry.

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