Jiangsu Xinhua Alloy Co., Ltd. is a high-tech enterprise integrating research and development, production and sales of special alloy materials. It is the main drafting unit of national electrothermal alloy standard GB / t1234. Founded in 1998, the company has a production area of 62000 square meters. The registered capital of the company is RMB 5.08 million, with total assets of RMB 292.685 million. In 2019, the company realized sales revenue of RMB 292 million and paid in tax of more than 8 million yuan. Now, he is the winner of the May 1st Labor Medal of Jiangsu Province, including high-tech enterprises, private technology enterprises, innovative enterprises. Passed tuviso9001 quality management system certification in 2015.

The company specializes in the production of nuclear power key components supporting alloy materials, electric heating alloy, high temperature alloy, precision alloy, special welding wire, corrosion-resistant alloy, heat-resistant steel and other materials. Available specifications are: wire, bar, strip, plate, profile and other products. The products are widely used in industrial electric furnace, civil nuclear power, power station boiler, special welding, petrochemical industry, aerospace, ship, machinery, communication electronics, instruments, etc., providing customers with scientific solutions and excellent product services from the material point of view for the use environment of high resistance, high temperature, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, wear resistance, fatigue, creep, etc. in the application field. At present, the company has become one of the important production bases of special alloy in China, and has become the qualified supplier of alloy materials for nuclear power of three major domestic electrical groups (Harbin Electric Group, Shanghai Electric Group and Dongfang Electric Group). We have successively developed and produced 126 special alloy materials for key components of core equipment such as control rod drive mechanism, reactor internals, steam generator and pressurizer. The company cooperates with Harbin Electric Power Group to develop nickel base superalloy materials for key components of the fourth generation of nuclear power, which has been successfully applied to Shidaowan project, the world's first four generation nuclear power project. It has successively provided high temperature alloy materials for reactor internals and control rod drive mechanism for Fangchenggang and other nuclear power projects.

The company has 196 employees, including 48 technicians. A total of 36800 square meters of production workshops. It has production lines from vacuum smelting, electroslag remelting, forging, hot rolling (outsourcing) processing, machining, heat treatment, wire drawing, cold-rolled steel strip, etc. The main equipment includes 1t vacuum melting furnace, 0.6T vacuum consumable furnace, 0.5T to 3T electroslag remelting furnace, 5T electrohydraulic hammer, 2T forging air hammer, etc. The company is equipped with advanced physical and chemical testing equipment, including chemical analysis, spectral analysis, ultrasonic inspection, mechanical test, high temperature tensile test, impact test, hardness test, bending test, metallographic analysis and other testing equipment, It has strong professional and technical force and research and development ability of new products. It has applied for 20 patents successively, and has obtained 6 invention patents and more than 10 utility model patents. The company has three production university research cooperation platforms: "Jiangsu enterprise technology center", "Jiangsu electrothermal alloy material engineering technology research center" and "Jiangsu heat resistant alloy material engineering center". The core technology comes from the independent research and development of the scientific research personnel of the company's technology center. The company has established a long-term and close cooperation relationship with the Northeast University, Jiangsu University of science and technology, Shanghai University and other domestic institutions of higher learning, making full use of the solid theoretical basis and continuous talent resources of the university to ensure the continuous and effective research and development of the company. In recent years, the company has successively undertaken the national Torch Plan "anti vibration alloy materials for the third generation nuclear power evaporator", the strategic emerging industry development project of Jiangsu Province "research and industrialization project of anti vibration nickel base alloy for the key components of the third generation nuclear power steam generator", the science and technology support plan of Jiangsu Province "research and development of anti vibration alloy materials for the new type nuclear power evaporator" and "evaporation of the fourth generation nuclear power" Key technology research and development of nickel base alloy support plate for machinery and other scientific and technological projects, and successfully passed the acceptance.

At present, the core technologies mastered by the company include: optimization design and strengthening and toughening of special alloy materials, pure purification smelting and solidification forming and defect control technology, plastic processing, cold processing and heat treatment technology, strengthening mechanism and high-temperature oxidation mechanism technology, key technology control technology of scale industrialization, etc. A total of 28 national patents have been applied for, 17 of which have been authorized, including 7 invention patents and 10 utility model patents. It has undertaken one national torch plan, one national technological transformation project for small and medium-sized enterprises of the Ministry of industry and information technology, two science and technology support plans of Jiangsu Province, one special development project for strategic emerging industries of Jiangsu Province, and five high-tech products of Jiangsu Province.

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